Award Entries


All ASCL Award entries are submitted online via the Nominations Form found on this page. Simply select the category you wish to nominate for and the required questions will pre-load on the form for you. For more information about the ASCLA entry rules and requirements click here.

We encourage you to download the Entry Kit below ahead of time, to familiarise yourself with the submission criteria and questions before working on your submission.


ASCLA November 2024 Award Categories

ASCL Industry Excellence Award


Prestigious Industry award presented to an outstanding individual who has had an impact across the industry or an impact benefitting the industry as a whole and / or across time.

Dedicated to Mike Munns, FAIMM Award Inaugurated 1987.

Award criteria:
• Must be an Australian resident
• Achievement that has provided change, improvement, education, support, development, implementation, or significant results that has bettered their own or general supply chains or the industry as a whole.

ASCL Supply Chain Management Award


Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. This award recognises an organisation that can demonstrate significant achievement or improvement within a section or across their entire supply chain.

Dedicated to Doug Beattie Award Inaugurated 1984.

Award criteria:
• Must be an organisation or company not an individual - open to all Industries
• Nominees should be able to clearly state the design and achieved results of the project or process envisaged and then implemented
• Must be a general measurable improvement of the entire Supply Chain or a part thereof.

ASCL Future Leaders Award


This award provides an Incentive and recognition to an outstanding Supply Chain Industry Future Leader and to encourage and support leadership across the industry.

Dedicated to Vince Aisthorpe Award inaugurated 2009.

Award criteria:
• Any person 30 years or under that has shown proven commitment to learn and gain knowledge and has applied their achieved skills to deliver improvements within their supply chain field
• Particular attention will be given by the judges where nominees have been encouraged and able to use new techniques, technology or developed new processes.

ASCL Automation, Robotics or Emerging Technology Award


The supply chain world is changing quickly and physical technology is making a huge impact. This inaugural award recognises that, in addition to data management, significant impact are occurring through devices, robotics, automation, wearables and other emerging physical technologies.

Award Inaugurated 2021.

Award criteria:
• Open to organisations who have implemented or who consult on, or implement, emerging technologies to improve supply chains or an aspect of the supply chain
• Outline the business issue that was addressed
• Demonstrate how this was implemented and the measurable impact of that charge.

ASCL Training, Education & Development Award


Training, education and development remains a vital part of allowing knowledge to be utilised for new ideas and supply chain improvements to be discovered and then implemented. This award will be presented to a company that can best demonstrate their commitment, application and results of providing training, education and development of their people.

Dedicated to the late Professor Peter Gilmour Award Inaugurated 2002.

Award criteria:
• Open to all training, education and development initiatives where benefits to the company and/or employees is demonstrable (In the case of training bodies or Academic institutions, impact on the industry as a whole will be considered)
• Must demonstrate commitment to, investment in or active ongoing development of supply chain industry participants.

ASCL International Supply Chain Award



In recognition of global supply chains, the ASCL International supply chain Award is given to a Company, Institution or an Individual that operates internationally. Either: an Australian entity with international impact an international entity with impact on the supply chain industry in Australia; or an Australian company impacting supply chain internationally.

Award inaugurated 2016.

Award criteria:
• Must demonstrate impact on Australian supply chains, or the expansion of ideas, products, systems or processes from Australia to overseas markets
• Can be an individual or organisation
• Must have an international aspect to the submission under definition.

ASCL Environmental Excellence Award


ASCL Environmental Excellence Award recognises corporate leadership or projects within our industry contributing to environmental corporate responsibility, the circular economy and/or protecting the environment.

Dedicated to Mr Ken Pike, Award Inaugurated 1966.
This award is proudly sponsored by JLL & uTenant

Award criteria:
• Must be able to demonstrate leadership towards environmental goals or a project relating to the improvement of the environment
• Must be a measurable result(s)
• A service or initiative that clearly contributes to sustainability through a change in processes, or reduction or re-use in energy, waste, materials or natural resources.

ASCL Big Data, IT & Business Intelligence (BI) Award


This award focuses on digital innovations that improves or offers a new way of delivering value to the supply chain using Big Data, IT and BI. Award nominees will demonstrate where applying use of existing or new digital technologies, methodologies or frameworks have provided significant improvements to their management of information and/or their supply chain processes.

Award inaugurated 2021.

Award criteria:
• Must be a software, data, application or systems improvement
• Must explain the issue being addressed
• Nominees will demonstrate where the use of Big Data, IT, BI or data-driven systems have significantly impacted their IT management and/or their supply chain processes

ASCL Start-Up Award


ASCL recognizes that any startup company faces a tough road. This award recognizes those tenacious individuals and companies who push through from inception to success.

Award inaugurated 2021.

Award criteria:
• Open to all industries related to supply chain and can be from any sector servicing the supply chain
• Must be under 7yrs old as a registered entity
• Must have essentially started the business/service/ company from scratch (i.e. not inherited or purchased an ongoing business)

ASCL Judges' Choice Award


The recipient of this Award may stem from nominees for any of the other SCLAA awards, at the judges’ discretion, where the demonstrated achievement, improvement or results have required a logistical approach to improvement or major change to their logistics management.

Award inaugurated 2016.

Award criteria:
• The winner of this Award can be an individual or organisation working or operating in Australia. The recipient of this award is nominated by the Judging panel, the SCLAA Board or can be selected from any of the submissions
• The nominees will be judged on their demonstration of a clear application of Logistics Improvement that is unique, innovative or reforming to the organisation or the industry.